Just like colors



是UnionStar 在2019年推出的全新子品牌。
“HAKUNA WASIWASI”,在非洲斯瓦希里语中寓意为“NO WORRIES”即 “没有烦恼忧虑”。
品牌的图形LOGO为开心猪的形象,是一只仰望天空,开心大笑的猪,代表了阳光积极向上的品牌形象,同时传达了对消费者“No worries for the rest of your days”的美好祝愿。
此品牌slogan为:就喜欢色彩!(Just like colors),致力于将耳机转变为能给大家带来快乐的时尚配饰,品牌特点包括:丰富色彩、极简设计与创新功能。


HAKUNA WASIWASI (referred to as HA&WA), Chinese name: 朱无忧!

It is a new sub-brand launched by UnionStar in 2019.
"HAKUNA WASIWASI" means "NO WORRIES" in African Swahili, which means "no worries and worries".
The graphic LOGO of the brand is the image of a happy pig. It is a pig that looks up to the sky and laughs happily. It represents a sunny and positive brand image and conveys good wishes to consumers "No worries for the rest of your days" .
This brand slogan is: I like color! (Just like colors), dedicated to transforming headphones into fashion accessories that can bring happiness to everyone, the brand features include: rich colors, minimalist design and innovative functions.
We are convinced that no matter what style you like, you can find accessories that suit you and make you happy in HA&WA






HAKUNA WASIWASI 产品分为 Happy Hour 和 Circle 两大家族。

Happy Hour 家族:以彩色唤醒人们对这个世界的喜爱,让欢笑永远存在,无忧无虑。

Circle 家族:圆形本就是生活的存在形式,从无到有,从年轻到老去,都是一种常态,有成功也有失败,所以无须为某次的不利而失落,认真对待生活即可 


HAKUNA WASIWASI products are divided into two families, Happy Hour and Circle.

Happy Hour family: Use color to awaken people's love for this world, so that laughter will always exist and be carefree.

Circle family: Circle is the form of life. From nothing, from young to old, it is a normal state. There are successes and failures, so there is no need to lose for a certain disadvantage, just take life seriously.


Happy Hour 家族产品代表:HH1真无线蓝牙耳机和HH6便携式蓝牙音箱

Happy Hour family product representatives: HH1 true wireless Bluetooth headset and HH6 portable Bluetooth speaker

HH1.jpg HH6.jpg


Circle 家族产品代表:C10真无线蓝牙耳机和C20主动降噪头戴式耳机

Circle family product representatives: C10 true wireless bluetooth headset and C20 active noise reduction headset

HH1.jpg HH6.jpg